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A Midwestern melodrama from the journal of Clara Roberts, written in November 1895.

Narrated by Sarah Mowaswes

Starring Lindsay Chambers, Annie Brennen, Matt Nauss, Laura Pollak, Pat Buetow, Matt Hooker, Jenna Levin, Jack Forbes, and Alex Jacobs.

Featuring original music and an arrangement of H.R. Jeffrey's "The Golden Harvest", composed by Matt Nauss. 

Additional music includes the songs "December", "Morbid Imagination", "Snowfall (Intro)", "Remedy for Melancholy", "Difference", "Take a Look Around You", and "Hopes and Dreams" by Kai Engel, "Immersed" and "Dark Times" by Kevin MacLeod, and "HHH" by Kosta T & Ghofra Z, used under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 4.0 International License.

Written and directed by Tom Mason and Sam Spahn.